Natural Tanning Lotions

by 7suns

For those who love cosmetics filled with natural ingredients. We have created tanning lotions with green caviar, golden algae and anti-pollution complex with ginseng, among others.

We have made a specific commitment: each cosmetic from the 97organic range will contain at least 97% ingredients of natural origin. And then… we embarked on a huge search. We looked for the best of nature – the most effective extracts from around the world. The treasure of the search in the sea depths is the selection of the ingredients of the after tan lotion, where we can find pearl extract, summer lilac extract and golden algae extract. The bronzer is inspired by the soil, cocoa butter, almond oil and henna extract. The inspiration for the accelerator was a tropical forest. Its ingredients include, among others, avocado oil, centella asiatic extract or green caviar.
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tanning cosmetics, after tan
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