About us

Nitora is a manufacturer of specialist cosmetics. Our main area of activity is tanning cosmetics.Our clients are mainly tanning salons.

The core of the company are qualified technologists with many years of experience. Their knowledge includes:

– development of modern cosmetic formulas,

– selection of top quality ingredients from trusted, reliable suppliers,

– production and packaging of cosmetics in accordance with accepted principles and standards.

Nitora’s marketing and sales team is based on specialists in the sale of cosmetics and solar accessories – both in Poland, the European Union and around the world.

As part of the order execution, we can prepare the whole process of product implementation for market trading.

The latest trends, technological possibilities and reliable knowledge of the customer’s needs… At Nitora we take all these aspects into account at every stage of production.

nitoralab cosmetics manufacturer
"Excellent knowledge of the solar industry, working only on top-quality raw materials - with proven performance, continuous improvement and fresh ideas. These are the elements thanks to which we successfully meet the needs of our customers"
PharmD, M.Sc. Martyna Korcz
Implementation and Production Technology Department Manager