Private label - how do we work?

At the request of our clients, we design and manufacture modern tanning products - in the solarium and in the sun. Our offer is directed primarily to tanning salons.

Many companies decide to produce cosmetics under their own brand to emphasize the complexity of their services and increase prestige.

If you are just thinking about creating such a product – additionally, you can count on our full support in trend analysis and professional advice at every stage of decision making. From selection of the best ingredients to product design and advertising materials.

Nitora is a team of passionate technologists and experienced sellers, who have been involved in the cosmetics and tanning industry for years.

You’re in the right place.

This is what your cosmetic can look like!

provate label, cosmetics
provate label, cosmetics
private brand manufacturer
provate label, tanning comsetics

Private label - step by step


1. Conversation

It all starts with a conversation ...

We will discuss:

– Your idea for a cosmetic,

– the budget,

– expected production outlays (we even carry out small batches),

– the scope of cooperation.

If you do not know the answers to all these questions – we will be happy to advise you!


2. Research
and preliminary formulas

Objective: to develop a dream formula.

It’s time for:

– composition development,

– choice of consistency and fragrance of the cosmetic.

We will also perform physicochemical, microbiological and packaging compatibility tests.


3. Graphic design

Appearance matters ...

On request, we will prepare a graphic design for your product.

The one that:

– will emphasize its character,

– will stand out on the shelf,

– will be attractive to the target group.


4. Production and packaging

We got it!

The stage includes:

– the production of cosmetic mass,

– qualitative physicochemical and microbiological tests of the production batch,

– the packaging of the cosmetic mass in selected packages.


5. Safety assessment

Safety is essential.

Placing a cosmetic on the market requires:

– conducting a Safety Assessment,

– preparation of the Safety Report.

We will take care of it comprehensively, in cooperation with the best experts in the industry.


6. Sales support

Each cosmetic is a different story ...

We will make sure that yours is beautiful, consistent and attractive to customers.

Depending on our arrangements, we will additionally prepare:

– leaflets and posters,

– mini-trainings for sellers,

– ingenious promotional campaigns and others.