Our realizations:

A lotion that intensifies and accelerates the firming effect of red lamps (collagen/hybrid). Specialist cosmetic with proven effects.
This is a project we are particularly proud of: the packaging, fragrance, name and effect of this bronzer work perfectly together! This effect was only possible thanks to the efficient cooperation of all involved sides.
A dry tanning oil that absorbs instantly, accelerates tanning and leaves no greasy marks on acrylic plates.
A luxurious blend of anti-ageing and moisturizing ingredients. Goal: soft, silky and beautifully tanned facial & necklace skin.
Hands that are often exposed to UV rays (e.g. in a solarium) are exposed to drying and faster photoaging. With this problem in mind, we have developed a rejuvenating hand lotion that combines a rich, nourishing composition with a light texture.
For those who love cosmetics filled with natural ingredients. We have created tanning lotions with green caviar, golden algae and anti-pollution complex with ginseng, among others.
The secret of Constant Bronze’s effectiveness is Tan Synergy Technology – strengthening combinations of three elements.
A line of tanning cosmetics dedicated to men. Formulas enriched with, among others, active carbon and mango.
Top-quality sun tan accelerators and bronzers. Stylish tubes hide formulas with the addition of saffron oleosomes, fire tulip extract and Tahitian gardenia.
Intensely coloured bottles with various contents: from strong bronzers to gentle, nourishing tanning accelerators. Inside, among others, is lemon balm extract and marine algae extract.
A line for every budget, but without compromising on quality. Especially targeted at people aged 18-25.. Cosmetics with orange extract and maracuja oil, among others.
Refreshing shots to support tanning. Rich in natural ingredients, building bronze skin tone and protecting against photoaging.